Aravalli Range & Hilly Region

District – Alwar, Jaipur, Ajmer, Rajsmand, Udaipur, Sirohi and south west part of Tonk.
Length – 692 Km (from Palanpur in Gujrat to Delhi)
Average Height – 600 m
Highest Peak – Gurushikhar (1722 m)
In Rajasthan Aravalli Range starts from Sirohi & end at Khetri in Jhunjhunu.
Aravalli range is not continues
Structurally- It is composed of rocks which are originally related to the Delhi System.
In south the range opens out to form several ridge.
Aravalli range & hilly tract can be divided into following four parts.

  1. North Eastern Hills:
  2. Central Aravalli Range:
  3. The Mewar Rocky Region:
  4. The Abu Block:

North Eastern Hills:

Districts – Jaipur, Sikar, Khetri, Alwar, Sawai Madhopur
Average Height – 300 m to 670 m
Valleys between the hills are wide & in some cases stretch for many kilometer
Flattered hill tops – form small plateau.
To the east & north – it merge with Ganga – Yamuna plain
Lake – Sambhar, Ramgarh, Pandupole
Highest Peak – Raghunathgarh 1055 m in Sikar

Central Aravalli Range:

Districts – Ajmer, Jaipur South Part of Tonk
Length – 100 Km
width – 30 Km
Height/Elevation – 700 m
Depth of valley – 550 m
Highest Peak/elevation – 799 m in Rajgarh
The central/Aravalli extends from Sambhar Lake to the bhorat Plateau, South of Deogarh Peak.
The characteristics of this region are-
A sharp & well defined boundary in west
Eastward followed by a system of two to three parallel ridges rising to an altitude of 600 m.
The edge of Mewar Plateau represented in large sections by a prominent scarp that is often coincident with the shear zone.
The south east directed transverse drainage.
Central Aravalli Range is further sub-divided into 2 geomorphic units.

  1. Sambhar Basin:
    District – Churu, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Nagaure
    Average of Region – 400 m
    This region is full of sand hills & with in land drainage.
  2. Marwar Hills:
    District – Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Nagaur, Ajmer
    Area – 4400 Sq. Km
    Average level – 550 m
    S.F. – The Taragarh (873 m) overlooks the city of Ajmer.
    Marwar Hills appear in the parallel succession of hills in the vicinity of Ajmer city.

The Mewar Rocky Region:

Districts – Udaipur, Rajsamand, Dungarpur, Sirohi, Bhilwara and Chittorgarh
Area – 17007 Sq. Km
Location – It is located from South East to South East
Average Height – 1225 m
S.F. – The highest portion of Aravalli range lies between the forts of Kumbhalgarh & Gogunda in the form of plateau locally known as ‘Bhorat’
Altitude of Bhorat – 1225 m
Bhorat plateau is one of the highest table lands of Aravalli.

The Abu Block:

District – Abu, Sirohi
Area – 5180 Sq. Km
Length – 10 km
Breadth – 8 Km
Location – West to Abu in Sirohi
Sea Level – 1200 m
S.F.– It contains granite
It has been separated from the main Aravalli range by the wide valley of the West Banas.

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