Hindustani Music Vocal Class 12 Book PDF – Friends, my best regards to all of you, I hope that the Hindustani Vocal Music Notes PDF given by us to all of you will be of great help in your board examination, this notes.pdf I had prepared at the time of my class 12th preparation and … Read more


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Handwritten Biology Project CBSE Class 12

As a student, I want to share with you all the projects of my biology. This is my project and I have made it with my own hands. This was done by me during my studies that the teacher who taught in class and who Practical, I tried to make it in this project file. … Read more

Handwritten Investigatory Project on Biology for CBSE Class 12

I tell you something about the class of Investigative Project. Maybe it will help you a lot. See, the Investigative Project has a simple meaning of how to create a project that is to be created after the investigation. You are able to investigate this project, ie, You do some research on your own, find … Read more

Super Fast English by Salaamchaus has now become fastest English Teaching Book

India’s fastest English teaching number one book And no one can speak anybody but at the moment, the question is that none of you are you just because I said you can say that you should have the ability to speak English or should you be able to say that you are sure to say … Read more

Career Point Module and Solutions: Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology

career point module career point solution career point chemistry career point physics career point study material career point module solution career point mathematics focus point career solution careerpoint solutions jobs career point data solution Career Point institution is a good institution for preparation of engineering and medical examination and student is preparing for engineering and … Read more

Biology Hand Written Practical File/Experiment Files CBSE Class 12

Friends, I am providing you the Biology handwritten practical notes and this notes will be very very helpful to you in your class 12 board exam every student wants to do any senior Class 12 CBSE Biology practical notes. दोस्तों, मैं आपको बायोलॉजी हस्तलिखित प्रैक्टिकल नोट्स उपलब्ध करा रहा हूं और यह नोट्स आपकी कक्षा … Read more