Best 5 Business Ideas you can Start Today

We all know business is not just a piece of cake. You have to give your 100% in your business to just make it into profit. But many of us don’t know which business to start, but there are numerous business ideas which can be started easily with low investment.

There is not any problem in thinking that you don’t have any business ideas until you try to find it. If you are not searching for any business ideas and telling yourself and others that you don’t have any business idea to start then you are just making excuses and you are not made for business.

As you’re here on this post, it means that you are searching for a good business idea and want to start your business as soon as possible then here I’m going to tell you Best 5 Business Ideas you can Start Today. So, let’s get started:-

Here are Best 5 Business Ideas you can Start Today:-

  1. Online Selling
  2. Online Gifting Service
  3. Event Planner
  4. Web Designer
  5. Wholesaler

1. Online Selling

Believe me or not, Online Selling is the best business idea for 2019.

You may not know that Amazon is getting an average of 35 orders per second. That means 2100 orders every minute and 50,400 orders every day.

Hope you can imagine how big this market is!

I was also an Amazon seller and I’ve to say that it was one of my best business ever. I stopped selling on Amazon because I was shifting to a new city.

In online selling, you can sell on different e-commerce marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

You can also create your own website and sell your products there but selling on Amazon and Flipkart is recommended as they already have a very big customer base.

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2. Online Gifting Service

Yes, this is the next business idea which you can start today with minimal investment in Inida.

There are birthdays, marriage adversaries and many life and corporate events happening daily in which we need gifts.

You can make a place where people can buy gifts for their loved ones. You just have to get a good domain name and build a website (Web Designer). Then add good gift products and make combos.

If you want to deal nationally then you can opt for a good courier option which will deliver your gifts to your customers. You can check out Ship Rocket for the same 🙂

3. Event Planner

Event Planning is very tough work and you must have good management skills in terms of achieving something in this field or you can just hire some good manpower who have good management skills.

This is again one of the best business idea I can give you. There are always some events happening in your city. You can imagine if you have a good experience and workforce then how much you can achieve in Event Planning business.

4. Web Developer

As long as their humans have internet access, there will be a need for web developers. I’m also a web developer and I can tell you that you can earn way far than you think in Web Development business.

You don’t need a large amount of investment in this business. You can start this business alone and once you think that I’m getting more orders than I can fulfill then you can hire some web developers on a full-time basis or hire as a freelancer for Upwork or Freelancer websites.

All you need to start this website is that you need to learn how to build websites and have a good command on the English Language. Also, if you want to earn a good amount of money you can learn some computer languages which will help you in building websites.

There are also two types of web developments, Front End and Back End developments.

The language you have to learn is Java, Javascript, Php, HTML, CSS and some more. or you can just become a WordPress Web Developer.

In WordPress Website Development, you don’t need to know any kind of computer programming languages but you also don’t get as much money as you get as a Web Coder.

5. Wholesaler

Now you might be wondering how you become a Wholesaler and also start this business from today. But yes, you actually can and the most interesting part is you are already a wholesaler. Okay, no more suspense. You may once visit this B2B site known as IndiaMart.

Now what you have to do is go on India Mart and search for Manufacturers of those products you want to deal in. Contact them and ask for their catalog with the price. Now the next step is to go to your local market and talk to the retailers and try to sell the products you selected from the catalog with a price in which your margin is included.

If they ready to buy from you, you just have to get some money in advance as they don’t refuse later and then you just have to contact the manufacturer to send the products. That’s it. It’s so simple but not so easy. Try to think about it. If you have good communication skills and you can sell something then just go for it.

This business will help you to earn as much money as you never imagine. You don’t have to invest a penny into this business. Just try to make a Business Card which will cost you Just 130/- from Vistaprint.

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