How to start a business in India [Step-by-Step]

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Well, here I’m going to talk about How to Start a Business in India in [Step-By-Step]. I will assure you that you’ll end up with having all the information you are looking for 🙂

Well, starting a business in India is not that complicated. Yes! It was complicated a few years ago, but now starting a business in India is much easier.

Time for a Quick Fact – Do you know that in June 2019, there are more than 9,619 Private Limited Companies got registered in India!

As we are living in the age of the Internet, you can actually register your business in India online, without going to any Government Office! We all know how tough it is to get the job done from a Government Office in India but you no longer need to go to any office to get your business registered. Everything is online, thanks to Digital India.

From registration to cancellation, you can do everything online directly from your home. All you need is an Internet connection which almost everyone has, and the second this you’ll need is a computer and have some basic knowledge of Intenet.

No matter you want to start a full-fledged company or just looking for GST Registration, everything is just a few clicks away.

Now, enough lecture! Let’s start that for which you’re here.

How to start a business in India?

For your better understanding, I’m going to put this blog into step-by-step form. So, let’s get started:

[Step – #1] Business Idea:

Business Ideas | How to Start a Business in India

The very first thing you have to do after thinking of How to Start a business in India is to get find a good business idea!

Do some research and see what will work for you. There are many opportunities out there from which you can choose what you want to do and which will work for you.

Always try to choose an idea in which the competition is low and demand will high. Also, try to come up with a unique idea so that the chances of success of your business will high.

You can check out this blog in which I’ve listed some of the best business ideas you can start in India for .

Also, once you found a good business idea for your new business, you should think of a good brandable name for your business.

You should also do the Trademark Registration for your unique business name so that only you have the rights to use your brand name or anyone who you gives permission.

[Step – #2] Research & Planning:

The second step of this guide “how to start a business in India” is about research & Planning!

After finding a good business idea, the second thing you need in order to start your business in India is to do is doing some research and planning.

Here is a list of questions which might help you in getting an idea about how to do research and planning for your business.

  1. Find a good and unique name for your business.
  2. Check the demand for the product/services you’re going to deal in.
  3. See how much competition out there in your business.
  4. Check how you can stand out of your competitors.
  5. Figure out from where you source your products.
  6. Make a list of products/services in which you want to deal in.

[Step – #3] Financial Planning:

The third step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Financial Planning!

Financial Planning is one of the most crucial parts of starting a business. You have to be careful when you are doing Financial Planning for your business.

Include all small and large investments you will need to start your business.

Check whether your investment is in your budget or not. It might be in your budget or maybe it’s more than your budget.

Don’t just quit because your business idea needs investment more than your budget. Just try to figure out that you can start your business in your budget. That’s what we call as Financial Planning.

[Step – #4] Place for Office/Store:

The fourth step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Office/Store setup!

You need an office/store space if you want to start your business in India. You can also check out Co-Working Spaces if you are looking for office space in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai as it will costs you cheaper and you’ll have a nice office ambience.

If you are looking for a store, you must have to carefully choose the location for your store. In an offline store, the location is one of the main factors which may take your business down.

So, Strategically choose a good location for your store. The location of your store also depends on the category you are going to deal in.

You can’t start a Clothing Store in a Sabji Market. It will lead your business into a huge risk of failure and loss.

[Step – #5] Legal Formalities/Business Registration:

The fifth step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Legal Formalities & Business Registration!

Legal Formalities is one of the most important and difficult things you have to face when you start your business in India. It’s also so complicated but the government is always trying to make it easier.

But, in order to start your business in India, you need to get it registered. Your business is not a business unless you get it registered. And also, if you don’t want to get into any trouble you should register your business by following the government rules & regulations.

There are different types of business registrations in India. You should check and carefully decide which business form best suits you.

There are mainly six types of business/company registrations available in India:

  • 1). Private Limited Company
  • 2). Partnership
  • 3). Limited Liability Partnership
  • 4). Sole Proprietorship
  • 5). One Person Company
  • 6). Section 8 Company

If you want to start small, Sole Proprietorship is the best option for you.

You don’t need to visit any government office in order to get your business registered. But if possible, you can contact your CA for your business registration.

But, in case you don’t want to visit anywhere, there are tons of online platforms available in India which will help you in getting your business registered.

IndiaFilings is one of the best places from where you get your business registered online.

IndiaFilings is India’s largest online business services platform dedicated to helping people easily start and grow their business, at an affordable cost.

[Step – #6] Products/Services to Sell:

The sixth step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Product Research

Now, it’s obvious that you need products/services to sell in your business. But, this is also one of the parts of starting a business.

You have to carefully decide what products and services are in demand and which one is not in demand.

If you don’t do this, you may purchase those products who are not going to sell and become dead stock. This will take you into huge loss and led to your business closure.

So, it’s definitely better to choose the products to sell carefully. This will helps you in running your business smoothly and being a successful business owner.

[Step – #7] Website and Online Presence:

The seventh step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Website & Online Presence of YoursBusiness!

We are currently living in where we all have internet access and more than 26% of India’s population is using the internet. That’s only 26%, but that’s also a very big user base and the number keeps increasing.

If you did not make your online presence in , you are doing one of the biggest mistakes in your business. As you don’t have any online presence, you can’t be able to reach most of the customers who are interested in your business. Your business will only reach the people where your business is situated.

But if you take your business online, you can reach customers from any part of the country/world. And you can also sell your products/services to them. That comes under Online Selling.

And, if you are interested in starting an eCommerce business then do check out How to start eCommerce Business in India [Beginners Guide] which will guide everything you need to know about eCommerce.

For getting a brand new website for your brand new business, you can hire a web development company which provides quality service at affordable pricing.

[Step – #8] Hire Employees:

Team Work | Employees | How to start a business in India 2019 [Step-by-Step] - Startup Sutra

The eighth step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Hiring Employees!

Employees are the backbones of your business. If you want to make your business grow, you have to hire employees.

You just can’t do everything in your business. There are specialists for specific works. For an example: For marketing – you’ll need a marketer, For Sales.- you’ll need a salesperson, and more like that.

If you think you can do everything, then that’s not called a business, that’s self-employment. And there are huge differences between Business and Self-Employment.

[Step – #9] Marketing Plan:

The ninth step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Marketing!

Now, you have successfully established your business! But, you are not getting results. That’s because your business is new in the market and many people still don’t know about it.

For that, you have to market your business to increase your business visibility.

Create a Marketing Plan for your business in which you have to define a budget for your business promotion, plan how can you market your business and things like that.

[Step – #10] Do Promotion:

Marketing Strategy | How to start a business in India 2019 [Step-by-Step] - Startup Sutra

The tenth & the last step of this guide “How to start a business in India” is about Promotions.

Great, now you have created a Marketing Plan for your business, now it’s time to promote your business, products, and services.

The best way to promote a business in is by using Digital Marketing.

You can do Digital Marketing for your business in minimal budget and can reach most of the people who are interested in your business.

Not only that, but there are also numerous benefits of Digital Marketing which encourages businesses to opt for Digital Marketing.

But, in case your business is situated in a location where internet is not popular and most of the population not using it. Then you can go for old Traditional Marketing like Holdings, Pamplates, Newspaper Ads and like that.

There are lots of drawbacks of Traditional Marketing, one of the biggest drawbacks of Traditional Marketing is that you need a large budget for it.

Well, that’s all that you need to start your business and run it successfully in India

Hope I was able to solve your query about How to Start a Business in India. If you have any kind of questions or have any suggestions, feel free to get in touch. I’ll love to help 🙂

Best of Luck!!!

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