Rajasthan Rivers of Arabian Sea Drainage System

Origin – Nag Pahar Hills near Ana Sagar of Ajmer district
Length – 350 Km
Districts – Nagaur, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaore
Tributaries – Jawai, Sukri, Jojri, Bandi, Sagi, Litri & Ghuhia
Reaches/Fall in – Rann of Kutch (in brine)
It flows in West of Aravalli Hills
Its water is sweet in Balotra but lower down it becomes more and more saline till the river ends.
At the source, the river has a small catchment area of about 32 Sq. Km at Talod Road formed of Murran and Laterite.
Pali city is situated on the bank of Bandi River.
Jalore is on the bank of Sukri River
Sheoganj city is on the banks of Jawai River.

Sabarmati River :

Origin – near Padrara near Kumbhalgarh
Length – 317 Km (length in Rajasthan- 29 Km)
District – Udaipur, Dungarpur
Tributaries – Hathmati, Meshwa, Betrak, Majam, Baval,
Reaches/Fall in – Gulf of Cambay. It is mainly a river of Gujarat

Mahi River :

Origin – Hills of Ammoru near Mhow (M.P.)
Length – 576 Km
Districts – Banswara, Dungarpur
Tributaries – Som, Jakham, Anas, Erau
Fall into – Gulf of Cambay
It enters Rajasthan in Banswara district near Khandu village
The Mahi Bajaj Sagar Multipurpose project has been constructed on it near Borkhera village
Jakham flows through Pratapgarh Tehsil of Chittorgarh district.

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