Why Should An Air Conditioner Be Serviced Before Use?

Monsoons in India are so common. Though Monsoons is one of the most calming seasons, you have to be careful with maintaining air conditioners during this time. Further, pay attention to the conditioners as per their proficiency. Just slight care and repairs make the ACs work well and the monsoons go better for you. Likewise, monsoons bring with it hail, heavy rains making the situation of repairing air conditioners come with so many hassles. Problems like strange smells, water, abnormal smells, and gas leaks indicate the need for repairing the air conditioner. AC is so important to provide cool air and temperature during scorching heat.

The Best Time and Signs to Know That Your AC Needs Repair

Know your electrical units: Make the outdoor unit to be safe in rainwater

Ensure that all the air conditioners in your house are fine and safe. Secondly, electrical storms can happen any time of the year with a circuit breaker in the houses. During a storm, the circuit breakers might even get tripped. Ensure that all the outdoor units are safe enough to fight rainwater. Further, any part of the AC can get corroded during monsoons and the efficiency of service can be affected. At that time, it is crucial to remove the battery. Likewise, if the batteries are removed from the remote, it saves the remotes from getting damaged.


Use AC once a month

This might sound weird, but air conditioners sitting unemployed might get damaged. Likewise, it will become worse if they remained unused for more than a month. The Air conditioner is a regular using machine providing comfort to lives of people. In addition to caring for ACs during monsoons, it requires pre-emptive maintenance for increasing air quality. It helps the ACs work better and regular use of ACs is the way to recover the last potency. There can be few issues such as drainage blockage, water leakage, etc. Filter congestion might result in wind carrying dust and other particles in it. There can be unpleasant sounds due to congestion in the filters.

Methods required for increasing efficiency of Air conditioners during Monsoons

  • During the Monsoon seasons, try using the dry mode to remove humid conditions with the other humidity.

  • Try keeping the environments outside clean and spotless. Further, try not to gather dirt as the dirt accumulated will take more time in cleaning. When there is pollution during rainy seasons, it mostly attracts insects. Keep the surroundings clean for better care of the air conditioners.

  • Keep the filters cleaned regularly for making the best performance. Besides, it also decreases power consumption. The dirty filters cause the congestion of the compressions giving birth to molds and fungus.

  • Don’t leave the air conditioner units near the windows or outside doors.

  • Always keep the AC at a temperature of 24-26o C for providing optimum cooling with energy-saving.

  • Use the modes season-wise like cool, dry or humid for producing optimal production in the outdoor units.


Start searching for updated air conditioners Units

Try using a ceiling fan with an air conditioner that can be used to push the hot air down. Besides, this makes the indoor areas less stressed and more comfortable in cooling. You can also prefer using anti-rust coating in the external units of the window’s air conditioners. Try finding rust-resistant outdoor cabinets. The dual barrier avoids dust from entering air conditioners. Similarly, there are anti-bacterial or anti-microbial units for tackling the monsoon season. Provided with high-density filters, you will find these ACs in the markets for capturing the small dirt for cleaning the room.

Constantly updating the air conditioners might make it rough and dull during monsoons. Study a little before purchasing an air conditioner as an old one will be a headache for you during the monsoons. The auto-sensing conditioners are even a better option. Some brands are offering the automated mode rather than the manual mode.

  1. Winds are so common during monsoons so a branch might break and get into the filters. It will severely damage the air conditioner. So, before the beginning of monsoons, remove the dead branches to avoid leakage or sudden breakdown of your air conditioners.

  2. Keep the ACs covered at all times even in off-seasons so that unwanted dust doesn’t clog the pores of the conditioners. Likewise, if there is water clogged in the lines, you can unblock it using vacuum or call experts to service it.

  3. Choosing experts to give service on time will be great if the ACs have not been serviced for a long time. Many problems can arise if you don’t schedule on-time service.

  4. Call for experts to get continuous AC service even during the Monsoon seasons. The air conditioners are expensive, so, taking care of them from time to time is necessary.


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Switch off the AC during a heavy storm

The first thing during heavy rains is that if water enters the electrical parts, it will damage the ACs to the core. The debris inside the AC might block the blades of the machines. And, if the AC unit is outside the room, there is the possibility that the machine gets restricted making it harder to work. Putting excessive load on the AC machine may cause damages to it. It is best to keep the ACs in switched off mode while it is raining heavily outside. Do a visual check of the ACs from outside every month. Also, you can check AC depending on the sound it is playing.

With recent climate changes, it has become imperative to keep the air conditioners in proper condition. Furthermore, little care and maintenance will lead to the safety of the air conditioner. If you find anything unusual with the AC, it is best to call for the experts and have it checked by the professionals. If it is a minor problem, they will get it corrected in a short time, but, in case of big problems, there can be a total breakdown of the unit. Look for the best AC repair service centers to get nothing but the best.

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