New World Order

Is the world, marching towards the ideals of personal liberty, human rights, and global peace, truly free from the plausible authoritarian structures? Do the organizations that guide humanity towards a better world truly independent or free from rigged motives?

Are better international space and coexistence their actual objectives or just curtained humanitarian statements?

What we see or are told as per official records “might” be true, but not always. This is the concept of conspiracy theories in short for you.

The most famous of these theories is that of a New World Order, a clandestine authoritarian regime headed or run by world elites and powerful, including top politicians, bureaucrats, pharmaceutical companies, royal families, oil bearers, national agencies, independent and allied think tanks, and powerful governmental organizations having a global influence. Conspiracy theorists argue that the new order will strip people of their freedoms, religion, race, ethnicity, creed, gender, fundamental rights, and will invade humanity. In a little fancier terms, “One puppet master reigns supreme”(Podcast Network).NWO is believed to drive the human race to genocide in the name of “self -regulation”. The Order believes that Earth does not have enough resources to support the ever-growing population and wants to create this planet as a utopia of the elitist. The following facts instigate one to better evaluate the position of conspiracy theorists:-

  • The first mention of Global Governance was during the peace negotiations after the horrors of WW1.
  • The complexities of the structure were soon realized, instead, the League of Nations was formed to limit future wars, as a recommendatory body.
  • New Order” was one of the founding principles of the Nazi Party and urged the need for a single governing body for the supremacy of “master race”.
  • As per popular belief, the United Nations Organisations could also be a possible step in this structure. The Security Council, with P5 and 10 other voted members, has the power to decide on the tasks of peacekeeping forces, and the P5 can actually veto the decisions. To some theorists, it directly implies that certain member nations have the power to start a global war or cause a pandemic.
  • The Cold War led to the formation of NATO by the States and consequently the Warsaw pact by the Soviet leading to a bipolar power dynamic and sphere of influence. The end of the Cold War would witness the prevalence of only ideology.
  • IMF is blamed to bully the economically weaker nations, is the cause for a lot of financial crises across the globe, and biased towards America, as argued by conspiracy theorists.
  • The members of the World Bank are elite and powerful people from around the globe who are just appointed, not elected, who decide which country will face depression and who will get a financial bailout, as argued by theorists who abound the claims.
  • The Bilderberg Group, the most secretive conference in the world, is attended and participated by the greatest minds in politics, finance, economics, and sciences. No information is given to the masses, the official details just include a list of topics with no speaker names. Press coverage is forbidden, extreme security, lockdowns are observed and journalists are arrested. Theorists argue that the secrecy of the conference and world elites discussing world issues behind curtains raises concerns towards NWO.
  • Similarly, the Trilateral Commission has benefitted officials with flourishing careers after joining and the members tend to shift their focus towards international politics, which is an absurd pattern if one. The members are not elected or are accountable to the voters.
  • The Bohemian Grove is an annual festival for the richest and most powerful men since 1872. It does not even pretend to have innocent intentions. The most controversial meeting is known to have led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

Here are some famous conspiracy theories surrounding NWO:-

  1. NWO uses gradualism to slowly take over the globe. Theorists argue that the NWO has been working to slowly aware of the people about a new global regime for centuries. They date its roots to the beginning of civilization. It is believed that there was a brotherhood of Egyptian elites who informed the Pharaoh about astronomical events who would, in turn, tell his subjects about celestial events and began to be considered divine. NWO is known to be descended from The Brotherhood of the Snakes. Freemasonry and Illuminati were steps in the process. Figures(identified as freemasons) from the American revolution are believed to be agents of NWO fighting to topple the British as the first step to global domination. NWO formed republics, overthrowing the monarchy. It is also believed to cause WW1 and WW2(following the Hegelian Dialectic). The United Nations was the next step. Globalization has led the world closer to global governance than ever before.
  2. NWO will take over the world with a coup and impose martial law. Individual freedom will be taken away in a military attack. Even the UN Peace Forces are allowed to use minimum restraint and force. UN Peace Forces, as argued by theorists, would eventually summon an army and fight its way to establish a global dictatorship. The rising involvement of military and paramilitary forces in curbing rioters is another concern. National governments’ using martial law in recent times is another issue, eg. in Thailand. It is often debated that NWO has already infiltrated the State governments and armies and will capture every capital in the world.
  3. NWO will use a mass surveillance system to dominate. It will act as a cyber police state. They will use our digital information to rule us. Governments have been collecting and studying our data for quite some time. This raises legitimate concerns for privacy. Intelligence agencies like NSA collect personal information from online accounts in a secretive manner, which raises suspicion. Nations are known to be working together for global surveillance. Citizens trust their rulers to protect their personal information but with growing technologies, the chances of manipulation of these sensitive data without public knowledge raise concerns. A global coup is also possible.

To date, it’s the biggest conspiracy theory of a shadowy government ruling the world under martial law. If it truly existed, there might be some concrete proof for it but one cannot deny the epic scope for its presence, invincible and invisible.

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