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RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book PDF Free Download in Hindi 2023, RS Agarwal Reasoning Book PDF, RS Aggarwal Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning PDF.

RS Aggarwal Reasoning New Book PDF Free Download

Download Free pdf in Hindi and English, Latest RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book PDF Download here. Dear Competitive Aspirants Here we have we Arrange a pdf of most popular book of Competition of Reasoning. in this section we told about best book for any exams math field.

RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book Chapter Solved Papers 

This pdf will explain all the chapters details with simple,Basic and tricky solutions. RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book are most popular books for Competitive Exams in india because most of Questions are from these books. Day by Day The Competition of Government exams are increases So we have to prepare Accordingly Because if we can not prepare According to New Pattern we will not Success in our Exams. RS Aggarwal Book pdf Download Here. So Above all reasons to why we solving previous year question papers with best book for those subjects.

Content of RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book

  1. Missing Number ( लुप्त संख्या ) RS Aggarwal PDF
  2. Analogy ( सदृश्यता ) RS Aggarwal Reasoning
  3. Repeated Series ( श्रंखला पुनरावृति ) Reasoning
  4. Venn-Diagram ( वेन आरेख )
  5. Blood-Relation ( रक्त सम्बंध )
  6. Coding-Decoding ( सांकेतिक भाषा )
  7. Logical Arrangement
  8. Sitting Arrangement ( बैठक व्यवस्थाक्रम )
  9. Ranking Arrangement ( पद व्यवस्थाक्रम )
  10. Dice ( पासा ) RS Agarwal Reasoning
  11. Cubes and Cuboid ( घन और घनाभ )
  12. Calendar ( कैलेंडर )
  13. Number Series ( श्रंखला श्रेणी )
  14. Coded Equation ( सांकेतिक समीकरण )
  15. Direction Test ( दिशा परीक्षण )
  16. Clock ( घड़ी ) RS Agarwal
  17. Counting Of Figures (आकृतियों की गणना )
  18. Problems Based on Alphabet ( वर्णमाला पर आधारित समस्याएँ )
  19. Sequence Test (क्रांब्धुती )
  20. Syllogism (Statement and Conclusion ( न्याय निगम )
  21. Mirror Image ( दर्पण प्रतिबिंब )
  22. Water Image ( जल प्रतिबिंब )

General Information Of Book

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Book Name : Reasoning Book Chapter wise Solved Papers

Publisher Name : S. Chand Publication

Syllabus Covered :- Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book PDF Contents

Verbal Reasoning

  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Series completion
  • Coding- decoding
  • Blood relation
  • Puzzle test
  • Sequential output tracing
  • Direction sense test
  • Logical Venn diagrams
  • Alphabet test
  • Number, ranking, and time sequence test
  • Mathematical operation
  • Logical sequence of words
  • Arithmetical reasoning
  • Inserting the missing character
  • Data sufficiency
  • Decision making
  • Assertion and reason
  • Situation reaction test
  • Verification of truth of the statement

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Series
  • Analogy
  • Classification
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Mirror images
  • Water images
  • Embedded figures
  • Completion of incomplete pattern
  • Figure matrix
  • Paper cutting
  • Paper folding
  • Rule detection
  • Grouping of identical figures
  • Cubes and dice
  • Dot situation
  • Construction of secures and triangles
  • Figure formation and analysis
  • Practice question set
RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book pdf – Download

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RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book PDF Download

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